Can rotational mass influence gravity?

This experiment says "yes“!

These findings take us straight to the great “mystery” about what gravity is.
And this experiment illustrates gravity as simply as a speedometer in a car can display whether we are moving and how fast we are moving.

The experiment shows that a mass hanging on a beam balance in the center of a quickly rotating mass cylinder is influenced by its inertia (kinetic energy).





Here the original video of the experiment


The result:

Mass loses weight in the center of a quickly rotating mass cylinder.

The experiment was set up so that magnetic or static influences or air turbulences did not have any influence. Also, the test was repeated with various materials.

Scientists claim that this is a static effect.
But this is disproved by the double-slit experimentThe Double-slit experiment

I am using the Double-slit experiment as a visible measuring instrument. It shows that the space between the double slit and reflecting surface changes its interference pattern, when passing through a very fast rotating disc.
The experiment has shown that the space expands minimal.

The sensitivity of this measuring method can also be explained so:
If a laser beam gets reflected from a mirror and a mirror is vibrating within an atom, you will see a vibrating laser point several miles away, but at the mirror the vibration will not be noticeable.

So; what Einstein recognized 100 years ago, that gravitation influences light is also possible through a fast rotating disc.

This measuring method is so exact that the light image of the interference pattern changes when space moves by one atom’s distance.
This indicates an expansion of space and thus excludes a static effect.

The experiment also helps us understand what gravity is and how it interacts with matter (elementary particles).


The Explanation:

It is an expansion of space-time:
The solution is in the equation that relates to the interaction of kinetic energy (inertia) and mass or matter.

To explain this even more simply: What Einstein described in his theory as a linear motion is what I demonstrate with a rotating motion with all his equations.

This inertial force is a lot more important than today’s science would like to admit.
This raises the question whether we are being deceived by science?

Looking for a “universal formula” we find a self-correcting force that according to current science allegedly does not exist.