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Current Funding as of 22 December 2012:
145.500,00 €


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I would like to hereby offer this fund as reward for whoever can refute, through experiment, this effect.
Until now scientists and the scientific community have been unable to disprove this experiment.

The experiment has to be conducted under laboratory conditions, has to be able to be repeated, must be shown publicly, as well as having to be as big or bigger as the experiment shown on this web site.

This fund is designed solely to prove or disprove this effect.

All donations raised (see above for current fund balance) shall be use as reward to whoever shall disprove through experiment this effect.

Should this prize fund not be claimed before the end of 2013, the prize fund shall then be used to build a bigger and quicker Mass-centrifuge, so that this experiment can be clearly and exactly proven under laboratory conditions. 
The results of such experiment shall be offered for publication in the press and peer reviewed publications.