The Thesis

This experiment is the absolute basis of our four known fundamental forces.
(See also Wikipedia „Fundamental interaction")

It is also the strongest and weakest force in the universe, and according to the present-day science, only gravity has positive attraction forces.

The other three fundamental forces:
The electromagnetic, the weak and the strong force have positive and also negative forces.

This experiment demonstrates that even gravity can be measured in a negative form!

What does this mean for us?
The knowledge that we can get out of this experiment speaks for itself, because gravity affects everything it could also answer the biggest question of all; where we came from and where we are going to.

Just one example:
Because gravity is the most important force in the universe, a negative or stretched form of gravity would influence light,
this is explained in detail in my video.

This would in turn mean that there never was a big bang, because through this gravitational stretching everything seems farther away than it actually is, and the further we look into space, the more this effect will amplify itself.

Measurement results indicate that the universe expands even up to the speed of light, which is one of the main arguments of the big bang theory.

The contradiction:
If you compare light intensity measurements of a distant light source (star-galaxy) taken ten years ago with the same measurements taken today, there will be no difference in values.
How can that be if, as every child knows, light gets weaker with its distance?

What this experiment proves:
Science confuses and mistakes gravitational stretching with the Big Bang.

I could give more examples, but that would go beyond the scope of this website.

Nevertheless, the main exciting question in this matter still remains open:
can gravity be stretched? Like I measured in my experiment.

Yes or No?